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GoodBeads handmade jewelry originated in Western Massachusetts with the goal of raising funds towards wildlife & environmental conservation efforts and to support ethical & sustainable community development initiatives around the globe. We make a $5.00 donation with every purchase toward like-minded nonprofits who share in our vision.

At GoodBeads, we are dedicated to being as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible! That is why we gift-wrap our jewelry in 100% post-consumer recycled boxes and deliver them to you via recycled, compostable shipping packages.

We also take pride in our signature recycled glass beaded bracelets which are a green alternative to using traditional beads. These unique glass beads are beautifully re-purposed from waste material and have the look of wave-tumbled sea glass.

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For more, contact us at info@www.goodbeads.org. Email us with custom orders, wholesale orders, questions, feedback, or just to say hi & share your GoodBeads story!